Domestic Violence

Empower yourself and others by learning about what domestic violence is and how to apply for a protection order.


What is Domestic Violence? 

Domestic Violence refers to different forms of abuse such as:

  • Stalking
  • Harassment;
  • Damage to Property;
  • Abusive or Controlling Behaviour;
  • Physical, Emotional and Economic Harm; or
  • Intruding on Property with the Intention of Causing Harm.

Protection Order

How to apply for a protection order: 

  1. Go to your local Magistrate Court as soon as possible, even its outside of Court hours, on weekends or on public holidays;
  2. Apply for a protection order by completing the relevant forms. The Clerk of the Court will help you with this process;
  3. Organise for the Sheriff of the Court to serve the "temporary" protection order on the alleged wrongdoer;
  4. On service of the Order, the alleged wrongdoer will be restrained from contacting and/or harassing you (as outline in the order); and
  5. On a date determined by the Clerk of the Court, you and the alleged wrongdoer will have to go to Court (before a Magistrate or Judge) to motivate why the Order should, or should not, be made final.

IMPORTANT: If the wrongdoer does not comply with the temporary, or final, protection order, they can be arrested by the SAPS.