Consumer Goods & Services Ombud

Learn what rights you have in relation to goods and services, how to recognise infringements of your rights, and how to lodge a complaint with the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud.urt officials.e Constitutional Court is.

General Info

The Consumer Protection Act gives consumers many important rights when purchasing goods or services from big shops or companies.  However, these rights are only valuable if they can be enforced. Going to courts are expensive and often requires lawyers to guide a person through the process. That is why the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud has been set up.  The ombud intends to give consumers the ability to enforce their rights against the companies that they buy things from, without having to go to court.

How to enforce a right with the CGSO

First Things First:

In order to lodge a complaint with the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud, the person intending to lodge the complaint must ensure the following:

  1. If the complainant is a business, their turnover or total asset value must be less than R2 million;
  2. Ensure that the CGSO can deal with the complaint by looking at: ;
  3. The complaint has not already been dealt with by an ombud or court;
  4. The complaint must not be under consideration by a legal practitioner or subject to legal action; and
  5. The complaint must not have occurred more than 3 years before.


Step 1: Notify the supplier.

This first step to take is to inform the place that you bought a product or got a service from that you believe that they breached one of your rights in the Consumer Protection Act. This can be done by finding the customer care line of the supplier that the customer got the product or service from. The supplier may be able to solve the problem without any further steps.


Step 2: Notify the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud.

The Consumer Goods and Services Ombud can be contacted at 0860 000 272.

They will then note down the complaint and refer it to the supplier that the consumer got the product or service from.

Alternatively, the CGSO "Complaints Form" can be filled in and emailed to

Alternatively, an online complaints form can be filled in and submitted at


Step 3: Wait for feedback.

The person lodging the complaint should receive and acknowledgement of receipt of complaint within 2 days of lodging the complaint.  The supplier then has 15 days to resolve the complaint or provide reasons as to why the complaint cannot be resolved. If the complaint is not resolved, the issue will be referred to the Ombud, who will attempt to resolve the complaint within 60 days of receiving it.