Legal Rights Information

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Learn how to navigate legal situations on the road, such as getting puled over by the police, recognising lawful and illegal roadblocks, and managing arrests and vehicle searches.

Learn how to manage the law around traffic fines, such as how to check if you have outstanding fines, avoiding illegal fines, appealing legal fines and reducing their amounts.

Learn about drunk driving and the real law behind it, including knowing your alchohol limits, your rights in the case of a breathalyser or blood test and more.

Learn about the constitutional right to protest, how to manage police violence or arrests, and your rights around filming or photographic the police.

Understand your rights concerning drug possession, arrest and searches in South Africa amongst many more.

Learn how to interact with the South African police and understand your rights when being searched, arrested or applying for police bail.

Empower yourself and others by learning about what domestic violence is and how to apply for a protection order.

Everything you need to know as an employee or employer when it comes to unfair dismissal.

Learn about the current law around marijuana and when you are legally allowed to smoke dagga or cultivate it, amongst much more.

Learn about the rights that parents have in regard to their children; including unmarried fathers, guardianship, artificial insemination, surrogacy and adoption.

Learn about how much maintenance a father or mother has to pay and for how long they must pay maintenance for, as well as what the Maintenance Act says, amongst much more.

Educate yourself about when you are entitled to apply for a social grant and what the procedure is to obtain a grant, amongst much more.

Learn about the requirements of a valid will, how to amend an existing will or how to cancel one.

Everything you need to know about your right to privacy and protection of personal data and information.

Learn which courts are available in South Africa, what power the courts have, how to contact the courts, and what the importance of the Constitutional Court is.

Learn about the rules of small claims court and how to prepare your case to claim back your money.

Learn about the procedures required to make use of the labour court, including how the court is structured and how to get in contact with court officials.

Learn what rights you have in relation to goods and services, how to recognise infringements of your rights, and how to lodge a complaint with the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud.

Learn how to enforce your rights under the Consumer Protection Act and how to lodge a complaint with the National Consumer Commission.

Learn which rights you have in relation to child support and maintenance, how to get a maintenance order and how to enforce your maintenance rights.

Learn what your equality rights are, what the jurisdiction of the equality court is, and how to lodge a complaint in relation to equality matters.

Learn about the formalities and requirements that you will have to comply with on the day of marriage and understand the procedural, application and registration processes of marriages.

Learn about the different marital regimes and understand the requirements, eligibility, registration process and the advantages and disadvantages of the marital regime.

Learn about the divorce procedure and understand the different ways you should approach a divorce, mediation in the process of divorce and the application for spousal maintenance after divorce.

Everything you need to know regarding the credibility of police officers, the extent of their legal powers and how to lodge a complaint against an officer.

Learn how to report common crimes such as domestic violence, corruption, child abuse and sexual offences and gain access to emergency contact numbers.

Learn how to report a road crime or an accident and gain quick access to emergency contact numbers.